#HaltonWasteChallenge Weekly! Week 4: Easter

Hello Friends of Halton Green Screens, It is with mixed feelings that I have returned from my year of maternity leave. I miss my little one, but it is so exciting to be back active in the environmental community! And now I just need to make extra sure that the time I spend with the little one is good, quality […]

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Join the 2017 #HaltonWasteChallenge today!


We are so excited to get this year’s schools on board to participate in this school-wide challenge that will bring more awareness to the amount of garbage that we produce every day. Students and teachers can learn basic ways to reduce their own garbage while competing against other schools in Halton for the chance to win a free documentary screening […]

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#HaltonWasteChallenge Weekly! Week 3 of 52: Milk

Week 3: Milk November 3 – 9 One of the two largest contributors to my 1.1kg of waste from the year-long #HaltonWasteChallenge was the plastic caps from cartons of vegan “milks”. So my week 3 challenge was to stop buying those cartons and make my own. I have made my own milks on occasion, but never consistently and I have […]

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#HaltonWasteChallenge Weekly! Week 2 of 52: Halloween

Week 2: Halloween October 27 – November 2 Since Halloween fell during week 2, I tried some new ways to reduce consumption during this wasteful holiday while still participating since it is one of my favourites! Costumes: For our little one’s costume, we went to Once Upon a Child and bought the cutest secondhand costume that we agreed on (a […]

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Coming Soon: Eco-Film Series 2017


After a fantastic 2016 Eco-Film Series, we’d like to take a second to thank you all for coming out to our film screenings this year! We’ll be revealing a new lineup soon enough, so stay tuned by joining our e-newsletter, or by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We’d like to thank our sponsors over the year, as well […]

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#HaltonWasteChallenge Weekly! Week 1 of 52: Bike Trailer

Hello Friends of Halton Green Screens! Welcome to Year 2 of the #HaltonWasteChallenge – #MindfulConsumption This year, I am doing weekly challenges. I will try one new thing each week to reduce my consumption. We are broadening the focus this year to include all types of consumption to align with the focus of the Halton Environmental Networks’s 2017 Enviro Guide: […]

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#HaltonWasteChallenge – The Year Completed!

Hello Friends of Halton Green Screens, My waste-free year officially ended at 9pm on Saturday October 8! In many ways it was anticlimactic because very little will change, but I am now actively looking for a secondhand garlic press For the most part though, my waste-free year will now just be my waste-free life. When the year first started, I […]

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#HaltonWasteChallenge While Camping (With a Baby!)

Hello Friends of Halton Green Screens! Only a week left of the #HaltonWasteChallenge, and I have to say I cannot wait to replace the garlic press that broke so early on. And my whisk. The other things that broke, it turns out I didn’t really need them. For example, turns out I didn’t need 5 pairs of sunglasses. Seriously though, that […]

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#HaltonWasteChallenge Successes & Challenges

Hello Friends of Halton Green Screens, This post will be dedicated to the major successes and failures (or challenges to put a more positive spin on it) that I’ve experienced so far. Let’s start with the challenges so I can end on a happier note!   Challenges Doing the challenge while living with someone who’s not This has been one […]

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