#HaltonWasteChallenge Summer Checklist!

Be Free This Summer

Free of waste, chemicals, and worries!

Halton Green Screens firmly believes in going out to enjoy the outdoors, so we hope that this checklist helps you and your family prepare for waste-free adventures!

Be free of waste and just as importantly, free from toxic chemicals that are in many products meant to protect you in the summer!

HGS will be partnering for a few outdoor events this summer, you can check them out on our homepage. Make sure you follow these tips below to ensure we leave no trace from our events or from any of your outdoor adventures!

1) A reusable water bottle and mug: This one’s easy! Bring enough for your team, and if you enjoy warm beverages, make sure you have a mug or thermos!

2) Small, reusable containers for snacks: Avoid buying packaged snacks and tuck away your favorite foods in reusable containers*

3) Cloth bag: You never know when you’ll need to carry something separately, or if you do end up making any purchases!

4) Cutlery: Many of us will choose to go on a picnic, whether it’s homemade or a quick take-out stop, make sure you have your own cutlery to ensure that you don’t need anything disposable!

5) Bug Spray: Full of chemicals, and some even in aerosol cans. Try out these recipes and store them in reusable spray bottles.

6) Sunscreen: Aside from wearing large hats, big sunglasses and light layers, if you must wear sunscreen, try making one of your own with this recipe. Nothing beats sticking to the shade, and staying out of the sun at peak times, but when you are catching some rays, make sure you do protect your skin by moisturizing and using some form of SPF.

Enjoy your summer, spend your days outdoors and truly appreciate how much nature has to offer. Become a steward of the environment and teach your children to see, feel, smell, and hear all that is around them, but also how delicate the environment is around us.

It’s up to us to make choices that not only better our lives but can be sustainable for the earth.

For any questions, or tips and ideas for what you are doing to stay waste-free this summer, let us know at info@HaltonGreenScreens.ca. We’d love to hear your feedback!


*Hitting up Bulk Barn before any trip is definitely worthwhile. Although you aren’t allowed to bring your own glass or plastic containers, I use the plastic tubs they provide for my purchases. They are recyclable however I bring them back with me every time to reuse them. Employees might advise you against this for sanitary reasons, however I have never been refused after stating why I don’t wish to use their plastic bags (also a perfect time bring it up to managers/owners to implement change!)