#HaltonWasteChallenge Week 1

I am now 5 days into my Waste Reduction Challenge. So far so good, with a few minor setbacks. My bin has a few items in it from food I bought before starting the challenge but only finished now. I guess that was to be expected. For two of my three Thanksgiving dinners this past weekend, I made pierogis from scratch (hooray, no excess packaging!) and about halfway through peeling the potatoes my peeler broke. Initially I had a moment of “Nooooooooooo why did this have to happen two days into a year of not buying things?!” but then I took out a knife and peeled the rest of the potatoes really easily. Turns out a potato peeler may be something I can live without. And if, during this Waste Challenge year, I find myself in a vegetable-peeling-emergency, I will walk down the road and borrow a peeler from my in-laws.

My broken peeler :(

My broken peeler 🙁

Thanksgiving celebrations combined with week 1 of the challenge have made me very aware of some of the waste I will not be able to account for when I weigh in next October. I ate a few chips from the chip bowl without taking home my share of the bag from which they came. I ate some veggies from a plastic tray. And I ate the delicious food made by my various family members without knowing what kind of packaging the ingredients came in. While it was a little discouraging, I’m glad that I’m more aware of the waste I produce (both directly and indirectly), and my plan going forward is to keep up that awareness and just do my best.


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