#HaltonWasteChallenge Weekly! Week 2 of 52: Halloween

Week 2: Halloween

October 27 – November 2

Since Halloween fell during week 2, I tried some new ways to reduce consumption during this wasteful holiday while still participating since it is one of my favourites!


For our little one’s costume, we went to Once Upon a Child and bought the cutest secondhand costume that we agreed on (a monkey) and then we chose our costumes to match. Neelan and I were trees, for our little monkey to sit in/swing from. I bought brown clothes at Goodwill and Neelan wore some he already had. On the afternoon of Halloween, I pruned one of our shrubs and used the branches to complete the ensemble.


Goodies to hand out:

Last year we handed out cans of pop (something that we hoped would at least get recycled) and free swim/skate passes. Both were a hit with some, but not all kids. My goal isn’t only to reduce our contribution to the¬†waste of Halloween, but to encourage others to do the same. So I really wanted to have options that would have everyone leaving our house thinking what a great idea it was! This year we added in homemade playdough packaged in recycled containers, and some secondhand books.



The playdough was a hit and disappeared after the first few kids. We will definitely be making much more of that next year. The books were a big hit with the kids who chose them, but only 6 kids did. We will offer books again next year, but may also offer some chapter books for older kids. This year we really only had baby and toddler books. Overall it was a success, and the little guy lasted a nice long time in his costume to help us hand out the goodies.

Stay tuned for…

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