#HaltonWasteChallenge Weekly! Week 3 of 52: Milk

Week 3: Milk

November 3 – 9

One of the two largest contributors to my 1.1kg of waste from the year-long #HaltonWasteChallenge was the plastic caps from cartons of vegan “milks”. So my week 3 challenge was to stop buying those cartons and make my own. I have made my own milks on occasion, but never consistently and I have still always purchased some.

Since I most often use “milk” in my coffee, I started with an almond hazelnut coffee creamer. It was rich and delicious, and mildly sweet from a bit of maple syrup. When I specifically needed soymilk for something (as is the case when a more protein-rich milk is necessary) I used up the rest of my powdered soymilk. When I made soymilk once in the past it did not turn out very well, and I have not yet tried again. Next time I need to make mayonnaise I will have to figure it out, because vegan mayonnaise does not thicken properly with any other vegan milk.

Hazelnut almond coffee creamer

Hazelnut almond coffee creamer

I am a few weeks behind in writing this post, so I am able to happily report that I have continued making my coffee creamer and have not bought a carton of milk since doing this weekly challenge. If you would like to try the delicious recipe I have been using, it can be found here: Coffee Shop Worthy Caramel Vanilla Bean Hazelnut Milk. I only make half a batch at a time to avoid spoilage, and I sweeten that half batch with 1 tbsp of maple syrup instead of dates. I use 1 tsp of vanilla instead of the vanilla bean. Share in the comments if you try making this or any other milk!

If you consume milk but would still like to reduce your milk-related waste, try looking for milk in refillable glass containers. Natural food stores usually carry these. Or try making the recipe shared in this post – it’s just as delicious even if you normally use dairy milk!

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