Join the #HaltonWasteChallenge!

Want to get involved in the #HaltonWasteChallenge? All it takes is a commitment to change one small thing that will reduce the amount of waste you produce!


Heather, our Program Coordinator, is taking on the full challenge completed by Jen and Grant in their film “The Clean Bin Project.” This means that she will:

  • Try not to produce any landfill waste for an entire year
  • Keep any waste she does produce to be weighed publicly at the Halton Green Screens film screening in October 2016
  • Say no to unnecessary packaging, even if it’s recyclable or compostable
  • Don’t buy any “stuff,” even secondhand

See a newspaper article about the challenge here and a TV Cogeco interview here.


Some of the ways others are getting involved are by making commitments to:

  • Ask for no straw at a restaurant
  • Always bring a reusable mug when buying tea, coffee, or other beverages or ask for a porcelain mug if you are drinking it there
  • Take your own bags when grocery shopping
  • Reduce plastic use
  • Replace clothing or furniture less often

Get involved by leaving a comment below or by commenting on our Facebook page. If you have already joined the challenge, post comments about your successes and challenges. If you feel like your small action isn’t making a difference, just think about how big that action becomes as more and more people start doing it. If we got everyone in Halton on board to reduce their landfill waste by just 1 kg per year, we would reduce our collective landfill waste by over 500 tonnes every year.┬áSo get your friends and family to join and let’s see how big a difference we can make!


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