BurlingtonGreen Eco-Film Festival: Sea of Life

“Inspired by Rob Stewart’s Revolution, young filmmaker Julia Barnes embarks on a journey Sea-of-Life-Poster-203x300around the world to figure out how we’re going to save the most important ecosystem for our survival – the ocean.

Celebrate World Water Day with us on March 22nd as BurlingtonGreen hosts their AGM ( Annual General Meeting) and special film presentation of Sea of Life with film creator, Julia Barnes of Burlington!

As acidity rises and fish populations decline, Sea of Life seeks to inspire change by exposing the truth, bringing audiences on an eye-opening adventure from the beautiful world of coral reefs into the heart of the environmental movement, meeting passionate scientists, activists, and explorers who reveal an enormous opportunity in the face of this challenge – to rise up and become the heroes the world needs.

This event has been SOLD OUT! If you’ve RSVP’d already, we’ll see you tonight!

Remember to be GREEN for this event: Carpool, bike or walk to this screening and don’t forget your reusable mug for refreshments!


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The 2017 Eco-Film Festival is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend Rob Stewart. Learn more about Rob and how he changed the world here.robs

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