Eco-Film Series: Bikes Vs. Cars

We’re on the move! Halton Green Screens is proud to present Bikes vs. Cars, the gripping documentary about the lives of many pro-cycling activistsBikes vs Cars and what they are doing around the world to influence how cities are built but more importantly, their vision to create more awareness towards the need for safety on the roads.

There are around one billion cars operating in the world today. By 2020, that number is expected to double. But how will citizens go about their daily lives when there’s constant gridlock? How will the quality of air change when we double how much oil we burn?

Cyclists are taking to the streets, demanding for safer bike lanes, and more focus on sustainable transport. The overall vision is a city that is removed from the car-centric models that are developed today. Will you join the revolution?

Watch the trailer here: Bikes Vs. Cars


Halton Green Screens currently has reserved a Cycle Simcoe Repair Stand! We’re looking for interested partners and individual or business sponsorship
to bring this stand to Milton!
If you are interested or know anyone that would like be to involved in this project,
please email or call (905) 466-3939.