Eco Film Series: Life Off Grid

We’re kicking off our 2016 Fall Eco-Film Series with a focus on solutions; let’s shift our Life Off Grid Movie Posterattention to what we can do, who’s already doing it and how we can follow their example. There are people all over the world who are switching to renewable energy to power their homes, and we want to share with you the struggles but more importantly, the success in their lifestyle changes.

Off-grid is not a state of mind. It is not about being out of touch, living in a remote place, or turning off your mobile phone. Off-grid simply means living without a connection to the electric and natural gas infrastructure. From 2011 to 2013 Jonathan Taggart (Director) and Phillip Vannini (Producer) spent two years travelling across Canada to find 200 off-gridders and visit them in their homes. They met off-gridders in every single province and territory and through their film they narrated our travels and chronicled in depth the experiences, challenges, inventions, aspirations, and ways of life of people who have chosen to radically re-invent daily life in a dramatically innovative but also quite traditional way.

Watch the trailer here!


We’ve challenged you to go waste-free, and many of you realized the benefits, including the financial savings. Let’s strive to take the next step; our discussion after the film will focus on what else we can do, and means to providing networks throughout your community!

Also, we will be handing out our Eco-Packs to the first 30 guests! Make sure to get there early to make sure you can get your hands on one!


Remember to be GREEN for this event! Walk, bike, cycle, or take public transit. Bring a reusable mug or bottle for your drinks, and don’t forget! BYOB! Bring Your Own Bowl for $2.50 popcorn!