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Welcome to the Halton Green Screens School Program for 2015-2016! Halton Green Screens shows environmental films paired with discussions, workshops, guest speakers, and/or lessons. We will often partner with other community organizations for the delivery of the workshops.

Program Goals:

  • Raise awareness of environmental issues among children and youth
  • Cultivate individual and collective action for the environment
  • Inspire students to take the lead on community action, but provide support following the event

Search Our Programs

Descriptions of films and activities/workshops can be searched by grade level, theme, and class subject.

Primary Grades:

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Secondary Grades:

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We hope you will be able to find materials to suit your needs, whether you are a student looking for programming for your school’s Eco Team to present or a teacher looking for classroom materials.

Events will be scheduled on a first come first served basis, dependent on funding. Our budget for this year covers 18 school events, but we are happy to surpass this goal as long as we can stay within budget. If you are interested in a particular film or workshop but do not see connections to your desired grade level or subject, let us know and we will accommodate you if possible.

We are always looking for new activities and potential films. If you have suggestions or any feedback to this or our program, please contact us.

Our complete program guide is available here and includes an appendix with specific curriculum links as they pertain to each film. At the end of each film description is a link that will direct you to the appropriate curriculum links.

Contact Information

For questions, comments, or to book a screening, contact Heather Govender, the Program Coordinator for Halton Green Screens:

Heather Govender, OCT
Program Coordinator, Halton Green Screens
905-815-6185 x3